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Imagine The Arts is a portal site specifically built with the following groups in mind:

  • Band Directors and Bands
  • Dance Studio Owners, Dance Instructors and Dancers
  • Orchestra Conductors and their Orchestras
  • Choir Masters and members of the choir

Imagine The Arts combines great social networking and excellent relevent content, all in one place.

Band Directors, Dance Studio Owners, Dance Instructors, Conductors and Choir Masters can each get a free website, together with a private social platform, allowing them to communicate simply and easily with their members, sponsors, parents, supporters and colleagues.

Members of the band, dance studio, orchestra and choir can create their own profile page and connect with other members, friends and supporters.

They can:

  • Find and Invite Friends
  • Share messages, photographs and links
  • Organize events such as social events, meetings, parties and vacations
  • Create Groups and integrate with Facebook and Twitter

Everyone can access the unique and related content, including news, views, commentary, equipment reviews, contests, games and exclusive member offers. Check out as an example

Our content has been integrated into the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s the best part – it’s completely FREE.

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We combine great social networking and excellent content, all in one place!

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